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Bluebells (under hawthorns)

Observed: 30th May 2005 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Plantsnightfly’s reputation in Plantsnightfly’s reputation in Plants
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Change it to

I think the reason nobody has agreed is that you cannot tell from the photo if it is this.There is the native and the Spanish and a close up is needed to see which it is.It is a lovely photograph and I would suggest you just put bluebell,then people should agree,but it is obviously up to you.


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Thanks for that Fenwickfield,

Thanks for that Fenwickfield, I havent posted too many plants yet as I havent put a lot of effort into photographing them, but I put up 2 flowers yesterday evening and had them both IDed.

Came across this shot on my hard drive and as I felt I knew the species, I shared it on iSpot in an attempt to get underway with the plant section (get my first plant symbol!)

Didnt realise there were more than one bluebell species til you pointed it out. I also wanted to share the image just cos it is a nice photo.

Gonna photograph more plants in the months ahead.


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Chances are...

your ID is correct. Glenariff Glen ASSI is noted for native bluebell. Most records for Spanish Bluebell (and hybrids) in NI are from Co Down and southern parts of Co Antrim (ref: with only scattered reports from elsewhere.

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Thanks for that Glen1, I

Thanks for that Glen1, I wouldnt know much about flowers and plants to be honest, that was a fluke above, but the info. is much appreciated.



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I don't disagree with ...

what Fenwickfield has said. I just mean that, in the absence of photographic confirmation, other evidence suggests that it is likely to be the native species.