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Small Eggar query?

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in InvertebratesPetej’s reputation in Invertebrates
Small Eggar query?

This little lot have been baffling me for some time so hope someone can help.

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The Lackey

Thanks to all those who identified these caterpillars. I have gone past the picture in Chris Manley's photographic guide several times without clicking onto the blue stripe and head simply because it looked a lot redder than my pics. A good one to know now for the coming year.


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Hi Pete,I have only

Hi Pete,

I have only encountered the Lackey caterpillar 'community' once before, it is posted here already, I think mine were slightly more mature and the stripey markings were more well defined as a result. I felt there was a reasonable chance your cats were less mature lackey, the blue/grey linear markings were what caught my eye, despite the hairy golden appearance of your caterpillars compared to the ones I met in May 07.

Is that bramble yours are on?