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Roadkill otter.

Observed: 20th March 2010 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Mammalsnightfly’s reputation in Mammalsnightfly’s reputation in Mammals
20 March 2010 (10)
20 March 2010 (14)
20 March 2010 (24)
20 March 2010 (22)
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Very sad to see the lovely....

...thing under those circumstances!

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Hi Stonage, It is sad and

Hi Stonage,

It is sad and unfortunate, I'd say this is about the 12th otter Ive had in my hands picked up from the road.

On the plus side (as with hares), it suggests there is a healthy population.
Live ones are fairly regularly encountered too in the river and along the coast.

Only a month ago there were 2 otters dead on the road right beside each other, only about 1 mile from where this one was picked up in early 2010. A friend of mine threw them over the sea wall onto the concrete sea defense and told me where they were. I immediately went for a look-it was the next day. The sea was very rough and had washed the concrete sea defense spotlessly clean, waves actually coming onto the coast rd. The 2 carcases were washed away. It probably wont be long til it happens again, I'll take pics, I missed another chance at the end of Oct just past. I saw a dead otter at the roadside but I was late for an appointment, I couldnt stop, 1 hr later on my way home the animal was gone, someone had lifted it.

They are doing very well in this area and the deaths on the road doesnt seem to be having a serious impact. Always a joy to see them.



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Thanks for these excellent, diagnostic photos, shame about the circumstances though.

Graham Banwell

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