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Observed: 2nd April 2011 By: Nature girl
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
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As a general rule, I would say that pictures of Woodlark from potential breeding areas should not be posted on a public site like this. Or the location should be kept secret, at least. They are rare breeders in many places and best protected.

A nice picture though...don't take what I am saying badly! :)


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A fair point

I didn't think about that, thanks for suggesting it. I've moved it to a more suitable location ;)

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Instead of putting the north

Instead of putting the north pole perhaps you could reinstate the original location but tick the 'hide sensitive location box'. Actually I have ticked this for you now, this just puts a 10km box over where you spotted the bird (the location can be randomly anywhere within this grid square not just the centre of it).
If the name of the location identifies it too closely then you can edit that to a more appropriate name such as Norfolk covering a larger area.

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I was going to do that, but

I was going to do that, but then I still thought that it would be too small an area (I didn't realise the box was 10km). I've just put it at a random location in Norfolk, which does not necessarily reflect where it was.