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Road Casualty

Observed: 30th September 2011 By: angieodetteangieodette’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesangieodette’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
Road Casualty

Came across this on the road ,middle sized ,so not fully grown.Jaw was totally smashed.Picked it up and took to the vets for euthanasia (takes up to 1 hour to gas as they can hold their breath).

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Thank you!

A kind and compassionate action. What a horror, so many creatures must die slow and agonising deaths from road accidents.

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Grass snake

I had not considered that, I tend to admire them because they can hold their breath for a long time, poor thing.

Graham Banwell

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Snakes holding breath.

Even after so long gassing they administer lethal injection , just to make sure !.

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most vet's will treat wild animals free of charge,so if you do find a poorly creature it is worth taking it to the vet's,I also did not know they could hold there breath.I have a very good rural practice nearby which is 24 hours and the will take all sort's and do try very hard to help them.