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Bird of Prey with Man

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: welshmackem
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ID Comment

Is this the same bird as the previous post ?

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Same as previous post

Hi Chris,

No, not the same bird - it was smaller - but I could only get it in this shot.

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Might still be a Harris Hawk

Being smaller it might be a male - structurally it looks about right for a Harris Hawk

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i made this photo lighter in

i made this photo lighter in photoshop and it has the markings of a harris hawk

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You should upload your

You should upload your photoshopped image.. I'd be interested
to see it. The bird was likely to be a Harris Hawk but not easy to
tell from the original photo. If it is a Harris Hawk, we can agree
with your ID...
I've just realised that you can't use other people's images without
their permission, so not a good idea.
Sorry about that

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Our near neighbour has a female Harris Hawk

which we have photographed& has been put on Ispot last year .The silhouette looks right to me.

Hazel Trevan

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I've now enhanced the picture

I've now enhanced the picture myself. It has pale undertail coverts, a
dark mid-tail band and a pale band at the tail tips. Almost certainly a
male Harris Hawk.

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Thank you

Thanks folks - excellent idea to enhance the picture to reveal more detail. Much appreciated.