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Pink-pearls-? plant seeds

Observed: 6th February 2012 By: barney

Found on ground under field maple tree. I have found these small pink seeds many springs since a child but have never known what they are.

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Species with which Onion (Allium sp?) interacts


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Pink pearls

Have you tried dissecting one to see if its a bulb or whatever - could be worth a go if its going to solve a long-standing mystery! Don't forget to post your findings on ispot.

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Pink pearls

Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm not convinced it is an allium. I will have to find some more and both dissect and grow some.

If anybody else has any other suggestions I would be very grateful!

Thanks again.


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Pink Pearls

Hi Barney
Looks like you found them on or below the Tyning. The woods below the Tyning are full of Ramsons are they not? The Tyning is open grassland. I don't know what Ramsons seeds look like but if you found them in the woods it's worth considering that.