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An other victim

Observed: 6th February 2012 By: KelsaeJohnKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in BirdsKelsaeJohn’s reputation in Birds
An other victim

This gull, like the salmon carcass I posted a few minutes ago was also found close to the water's edge (not the same location) but also on the river Tweed. The feathers are strewn around close to the carcass - reminiscent of fox kills I have seen in the past. I doubt that a fox killed it - but possibly scavenged?

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Two carcasses

There appear to be two different carcasses - one is definitely a young bird with a brown bar on the tail, the other appears to be a more adult bird.

I wonder if this might be mink (or otter) predation rather than fox?

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Hi David, it is, in fact, the same bird. The first pic shows it as I found it; the second pic shows it after I turned it over. I thought it might provide a further clue as to the cause of death.
As for your theory, I certainly think mink is a strong contender. I have seen a big dog otter here on several occasions. I did not think a fox had killed it - merely that one may have come across the carcass.