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Rabbit and small mammal tracks

Observed: 6th February 2012 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in MammalsYashca’s reputation in Mammals
Rabbit and small mammal tracks

Rabbit tracks are obvious, but the smaller tracks I'm not sure about.A small mammal, presumably, but these don't seem to have a tail mark, which my previous post did.


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Rabbit and bird

You are right about the rabbit print going top left to bottom right. The other one is a bird hopping, if you look at the first bird print above the rabbit's you can see the long, thin toes.

Birds tend to hop in the snow and they usually keep their feet parralel so you end up with two prints next to each other. Stoats weasels and mink will also hop in snow, unless the snow is deep then weasels burrow, but their prints are usually offset one from the other. Also in such deep snow there would be signs of their body or tail.

I can not say which species but probably something medium sized from the length of the stride and size of print in relation to the rabbit's, I would guess a thrush, probably a blackbird.

Yashca, put up an identification for rabbit and another for bird species and I'll agree to them. You may also want to post these, and your other bird prints, in the bird section of iSpot as well. Someone there may be able to give you a better idea of which species. If you do make a note that you put them on the mammals as well otherwise you'll have people suggesting you post this one on mammals for the rabbit!

Graham Banwell

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