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Rat footprint?

Observed: 3rd February 2012 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in MammalsYashca’s reputation in Mammals
Rat footprint
Rat print 2
rat print 3

Added another picture that shows these footprints emerging from dense bramble. I admit, still possibly squirrel, but the density of the prints in the trackway, as shown in the third photo, and the fact that it emerges as it does from bramble, seems an unlikely setting for squirrel.

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We can immediately discount the two suggestions of rat or squirrel, I'm afraid, because the individual prints are oval and do not show any signs of long toes, which both would. We can rule out cat as it shows claws and cats don't.

The individual prints look to be around 3-4cm in size, using the finger as a scale, so we are looking for an animal with smallish paws, however, prints look larger in the snow than normal so we are looking for something with paws around 2-3cm in size - that rules out fox, badger etc.

My first thought was a small mustelid, a stoat or weasel or even mink. but the trail is too wide and they are more likely to bound rather than drag their body through such deep snow.

Yashca, if you put up an identification for rabbit I'll agree to it.

Then I noticed the long print just above the thumb in the third picture, the hind leg of a rabbit. I'm fairly sure these are the prints of a rabbit which, on emerging from the safety of the brambles, has walked slowly out to ensure there was no danger before bounding off. Were these prints in association with the more usual rabbit prints in your other post?

Graham Banwell

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Thanks again for your input.

Thanks again for your input. I'm so used to seeing the typical 'bounding' prints of rabbit that I just didn't think of these in relation to them.

These prints were well away from any of the other typical rabbit prints I saw, but they were right next to a path, so any subsequent prints had long been walked away.

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I agree that the prints are

I agree that the prints are likely to be attributed to rabbit.

I had similar prints to these a short while ago. Hopefully this link will take you to them;