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2012 goals to achieve

I thought I would do a post inspired by wildlife ranger on what to do this year seeing spring will soon be sprung.I want to get my night camera I got for Christmas set up next to the river in the woods were I live and hopefully get some good shot's of the Badger's and other mammals that are the area.I am going to try and learn more about fungi but focus on certain genus hopefully waxcap's and Agaricus another festive gift.I am trying to turn my mown lawn into a wildlife meadow, as I grew lots of wild flowers from locally sourced seed last year and planted them in the lawn a couple of week's ago, get's a bit monotonous when there's over 300 plants but cannot wait to see the result's.I am hoping this will attract lot's of insect's.I will be watching the wildlife just were I live not travelling anywhere but I live in the countryside so don't really need too.I love seeing what other's put on as it is nice to know what is happening in other area's of the north and the borders too which is my favourite place.



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I have done this

I have mostly gone for wild forms of vegetables in a little bit between the cutting striking soil and what was a rough lawn on brown field. All the rubble made for a close one when it almost made the front of the skip lorry rear up during a neighborhood clean up.
Growing plants i can eat is my favored use of the garden.


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Sounds fabulous Sheila! I'll look forward to seeing photos of the wild flower lawn once they get established.
In 2012 I want to attend more Yorkshire Naturalists Union field meetings, I really enjoyed the few I managed to get to last year and learnt loads from the naturalists there. My problem is that I don't put the dates in my diary early enough and by the time I do get around to it, I've booked in work! We have got some meetings in Teeside this year, which is a little nearer you, so you'd be very welcome to join us if you fancied a trip down south.

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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If you have any details of event's in Teeside I may just have a trip down as it's nice to meet like minded people.I have been out checking my lawn and keep wishing that spring would hurry up so I can see them growing.I have tried on lots of occasion to just sow the seed direct but with very little success so that is why I grew them in pots first so they had a good root system before I planted them.



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will be intersting to hear

will be intersting to hear the lawn results, we have some larger trials on recreating wildflower meadows going on at moment.

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I have in the past tried to clear an area and sow seed on bare soil but had no success,well the odd flower.I then thought if the plants were about a season old they would be strong and have a good root system so would have a better chance of survival.I grew over 15 types from locally sourced seed sown May 2011 and potted them up into 4cm pots then again into one litre pots then in the autumn did a tight cut on the lawn which is an old paddock area with poor soil, stony about 1ft under the surface as was once cobbled.It is a large area so I have spaced them widely approx 300 plants but the plant's are in excellent condition.I have seen plugged plants for sale but they are not locally sourced and very expensive,mine has only cost me my time and no money.The lawn was never sown it has just naturally taken over the area.There has never been any fertilizers or chemicals used so it should have a good chance,lot's of Rabbits but I don't think they should cause a problem.If you look at one of my ob's that say's found in garden you will see the area area in the middle of the farm buildings as that is the area planted.
How are you doing the planting with your trials is it seed or plug's as it would be interesting to see which does best.


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Most of the areas are with

Most of the areas are with green hay(from a high biodiversity meadow adjacent), results rather variable at moment but there was some remarkably good growth last autumn from an area that had been sprayed off and spread. we are mainly doing the monitoring. Won't have any proper results till this coming summer.