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Watching Fox

Observed: 6th February 2012 By: jhn7
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Intent on something this fox ignored us for a while but moved off unhurriedly when I moved to get a clearer photo. (1st photo digi-binned)

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It looks like it was watching you.

I may be giving foxes more intelligence than they have but I've noticed they tend not to be bothered about me and will walk off nonchalantly after an encounter, except once when I got my scope out to get a better look and the fox took off like the devil was on its tail; did it think it was a gun? Are they not bothered about humans till they think you mean them harm? I'm making the big assumption here they know what a gun is and I'm basing it on one observation, not very scientific I know but . . .

Graham Banwell

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Known for their wily nature and intelligence!

Like you I have come across other foxes unfazed by my presence but not one watching me watching it. There was a fence between us so perhaps he felt secure, not even worried by our Flatcoat retriever. We walk in the woods usually twice daily so perhaps he has watched us unseen many times before and knows we mean no harm.
The similarity in shape and use between a gun and a scope does suggest foreknowledge doesn't it?

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Foxes who run away

Hi! 'My' fox in the field did look at me without moving, and actually stared at me when I was passing... she looked very relaxed. When I see them in the village,amongst the houses, though, they always run away quite fast... I wonder if this has to do with the fact they feel more 'comfortable' in their own environment?

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It probably depends on whether it is a 'country' fox or an 'urban' one.

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