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Square-spot Rustic

Observed: 5th September 2011 By: Nature girl
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
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Found under a reptile mat

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I think you could well be

I think you could well be right with square spot rustic, is there any chance it could be Neglected rustic?

Just a thought, not necessarily based on any concrete knowledge, just I posted a moth on a forum in August and a long discussion ensued as to whether it was square spot OR neglected rustic.

It was determined to be Neglected by a number of experienced people and the other species by some other experienced people, Im still not sure?!

Its a nice moth above.


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Neglected Rustic

That's an interesting point, they do seem to look quite similar. I'm fairly certain that this isn't an NR though because they are a heathland/moorland species and the habitat and food plants available wouldn't fit with those here. In terms of appearance, my moth guides suggest that the kidneys are dark-outlined in the NR, but paler in the SSR and the NR has a dark mark in the corner of the kidney, which doesn't appear to be present in the SSR. So, on balance, I think this is an SSR, but I'm by no means an expert.

Could you give me a link to the forum discussion because I'd be interested to see the moth and the debate.

Hope this helps.


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Heres the link Rosie, I

Heres the link Rosie, I havent actually looked at it in ages and your pic above just reminded me, personally I feel my moth is SSR too, cos it was found by a river at sea level BUT in a valley with moorland to the north and the south?!?!?!? And not very far away.

NR is very rarely recorded in my area and I mean possibly only 1 other record ever for this county, but some folk seemed to think this was NR and not SSR,

Your thoughts would be much appreciated,

Im gonna put it up on iSpot for opinions on here, apologies to anyone who has had to suffer this image before!!!

Hope the link works?


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Thanks for the link

I would tend to agree on SSR due to the pale kidney outline and the squareness of the kidney. Do post it on iSpot, it will be interesting to see what the experts say.

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Cheers for that Rosie, I have

Cheers for that Rosie, I have it up an all, 2 people who know moths agree it is SSR.

Thanks again.