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Grasshopper warbler?

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: Coralie Mattys
Grasshopper warbler?

Small - about the size of a fat blue-tit pink legs - very sharp, pointed beak - seen round trees/hedgerow and in tree by birdfeeder in by the side of a river and marshland

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Hedge Accentor

Coralie, this bird is more commonly known as a Dunnock.
As you describe, often found around trees, hedgerows etc.
Like Robins, they can be quite approachable. They are a generally a
resident species, whereas our Grasshopper Warblers are currently
sunning themselves somewhere in Africa.

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Thanks for this - yes, I did see that the GW was a summer visitor and very shy so it was a very unlikely id - glad to know what it really is

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You would never see a GW out

You would never see a GW out in the open like this. Usually only heard, they are so skulking.



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