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So Many Geese!

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: KittieKatKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in Birds
So Many Geese!
So Many Geese!
So Many Geese!
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I have just seen a rather disturbing article on my local tv news tonight that they are going to cull them in an area of the lake district as they are making a mess.I feel so strongly about this it makes me feel sick what about all the people who make a mess,I would rather have the geese.


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Control measures

Control measures for Canada Goose are relatively common in lots of areas. Altough pricking eggs is more common than a cull of adults. They are of course 'mess' made by people in the sense that they are a species introduced by humans to an ecosystem where they did not naturally occur (although I think there is some evidence of an occasional vagrant one making it).

David Howdon

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I agree

I agree...cull the people instead. ;)


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i'd hate to see them culled

i'd hate to see them culled in my area, everyone loves feeding them and for many kids around here they are one of the few animals they'll get to interact with

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In the north and west Canada Geese are on the verge of becoming a serious competitor for rarer geese (eg Greenland White-fronted Geese) in some locations and they compete with other wild populations. Given the Canada Geese have expanded from introduced stock, there are some interesting dilemmas ahead.

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not wanting to preach to everyone

I know there are two sides to the argument but I personally cannot understand why.As a lover of wildlife common or rare,it always seems to be if it is rare we protect and nurture this has happened with reintroduced Red Kites and as soon as they become successful and then we decide there are too many as we are not in control we the kill them (not happened yet but it will).I think we should leave well alone and let nature decide as it is survival of the fittest.I am probably stirring an argument here or should we say debate.I just wish we would not meddle with nature,if I win the lottery I will buy land sow loads of winter barley and all the Canada Geese can live with me this really upsets me as who has the right to decide how many there should be.


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Mother Nature

Every one has their own opinions and that is good wouldn't do for us all to be alike. Have you ever noticed how we get years that we are over run with some plants, mammals, insects - you know what I mean, yet the glut only seems to last a season or two then they are back to normal, Mother Nature balances it out better than we can - last year I called it the year of the field vole - the fields were wick with them round here. So I say leave it to nature she just sent in her hawks and owls.