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Common Gulls

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: KittieKatKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in Birds

Common Gulls at my local park

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how do i delete an

how do i delete an identification? i dont know why its loaded as a Mew Gull when i put in Common Gull.... very odd

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You cannot delete an identification, for some reason Mew Gull seems to be the iSpot default for this species which I believe is an Americanism.

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Don't worry

I would not worry...they are the same species. The scientific name is correct, which is the main thing.

There are several Black-headed Gulls, as well, in the picture.


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Chris wrote that Mew Gull could be an Americanism. One of the most
tragic examples of renaming is with regard to the Divers. In breeding
plumage, the Red-throated, Black-throated and Great Northern
Divers, are amongst the most beautiful and elegant birds in the world.
Now we have to call them "Loons'!!!!!
I despair....