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Viper snake

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: MatinaMatina’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
viper snake
viper snake dtls

A viper snake, quite common in Cyprus (the only venomous snake on the island. Obviously it was trying to get some wormth from the sunlight. About 45cm long. I believe it is still a baby. Details of the head (triangled shaped head)let to the conclusion that it is more likely to be a viper snake.

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There are actually three venomous snakes on Cyprus but the blunt-nosed viper is the only really dangerous one; the other two are Montpellier snake and slender cat snake.

Locally they are simply known as vipers, I assume this is why you didn't give it its full name Matina.

Graham Banwell

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Not a baby

At 45cm it is young, but is likely to be an adult by now. The subspecies found on Cyprus Macrovipera lebatina lebatina, does not grow as large as continental subspecies (this applies to many species of reptiles) and it would be unusual to see one over a metre.

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Latin Name

I think what has been said and miss understood is that it is the only snake of the species Viper. It is a simple case of confusing local lingo.