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Unknown bird on larch

Observed: 5th February 2012 By: clairemontanaro
unknown bird on left
unknown bird on left
unknown bird on left

Photos show 2 birds on the top of a larch on a snowy day. Bird on right may be a chaffinch, one on left more a mystery. Has a distinctive white strip over eye on what seemed a dark head, long sharp narrow beak like a treecreeper's, red markings on neck and upper breast above stripey/speckled below. Not a robin, nor I believe a redpoll, too big for a redwing and too much red on upper breast?

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Two bird species here -

The one to the left may be a Redwing? The righthand one may be Chaffinch.

Phil T.

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ID Comment

Phil, I think it is the bird on the left that the ID is especially sought. I believe you are correct, why not add the ID yourself.

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Thank you all for the ID - much appreciated.

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And just to confirm, the one

And just to confirm, the one on the right is indeed a male Chaffinch.



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