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Ash Key Gall

Observed: 3rd February 2012 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in InvertebratesRefugee’s reputation in InvertebratesRefugee’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ash Key Gall

The buds are Ash all right. The Galls look like they are on the key spurs too. Not too many other observations to look at though. Some are shown as Aceria fraxinivorus. There were plenty on the tree though.

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I am trying to get all UK plant gall postings in one place


This will hopefully increase the "visibilty" to people interested in plant galls and increase identifcation/confirmation rates

There are cureently over 400 records collected

Could you please tag any plant gall records "plant gall" or "plant gall causer" - without speech marks

Thanks in anticipation - appologies if you get multiple requests as I am trawling through past records.

If you feel reasonably confident in your id why not go to "other observations and confirm them - Following Derek's advice

Mark Wilson