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Eurydema ornata

Observed: 11th September 2011 By: FrancineFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in InvertebratesFrancine’s reputation in Invertebrates

Walking along the side of a canal just south of Mausanne les Alpilles, I found a small brassica completely covered, and in the process of being eaten, by many of these beautiful shield bugs and their nymphs.
All of these photos are of the same plant and I wondered where they would go once they'd eaten all the greenery.

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Black marks

I've just checked the British Bugs website and they say dominulus is smaller than ornata, and unfortunately I can't remember how big these were.

I've also found a reference to ornata having black marks on the exocorium and dominulus doesn't, and while I can't find a reference to explain what an exocorium is, is this the part showing to either side of the wings which in these photos is quite heavily marked?


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A consistent feature of E.

A consistent feature of E. ornata seems to be the grey markings either side of the wing covers (are these the wing membranes showing?).

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I think this is dominulus excorium - edge of corium i dont think it is ventralis either


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Eurydema ornata/um

I think if you look at you will be convinced that it is not dominulus.