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Great Crested Grebe

Observed: 3rd February 2012 By: EarthwatcherEarthwatcher’s reputation in BirdsEarthwatcher’s reputation in BirdsEarthwatcher’s reputation in Birds
Great Crested Grebe
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Its a lovely picture - just

Its a lovely picture - just one thing is the observation date correct, as it is in breeding plumage. All the ones I've seen bobbing around on the sea recently are still in their dowdy winter plumage

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You are right, it is still early, and some birds on the sea are perhaps younger birds or non-breeders, as well. In many areas, though, breeding birds are already back on site and starting to show an interest in territories. I have seen a couple local to me in breeding plumage, back on their territories, already.

I dare say the date is correct, then.


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