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Swallows, surely not?

I was down the beech today in Sunny South Wales and I saw what I can only described as 3 swallows. Strange I know. The were flying close to the water (as swallows do), they looked like they had a long forked tail (as swallows do) and they were banking and sweeping over the water fast (as swallows do). Surely they couldn't have been swallows, in Wales, in January. Any suggestions?



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Impossible to say.

It's not really possible to make any suggestions from such a brief description I'm afraid (as you probably realise).

It is possible, though unlikely, that you did see Swallows. Swallows are very occasionally recorded during the winter months in the UK, though typically this would involve only a single individual. More likely, as you seem to realise, is that they were something else that (for whatever reason) seemed to look like Swallows.