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Chucao in Chiloe, Chile

Observed: 15th April 2011 By: timcdlucastimcdlucas’s reputation in Birdstimcdlucas’s reputation in Birdstimcdlucas’s reputation in Birds

Blackbird sized. Brown back, red-orange breast and black and white speckled undersized. Amazingly friendly. It took a crumb from my shoe despite being in the middle of a very deserted national park and followed us for a few hundred meters down the path.

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I'll just agree with yours.

I'll just agree with yours. I'm too lazy.

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you have to

Only the first valid name posted should be agreed to ever.

Otherwise it will encourage cheats and gamers. Note that common names dont count: it is purely the Scientific that iSpot uses (unless it cannot find a Scientific Name match and then all hell breaks loose - e.g. Dassie is both a mammal and a fish in s Afr: iSpot gets very confused!).

So always only ever agree to the first correct Scientific Name posted.

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Cheats and gamers

Blimey...here was I thinking iSpot was a relaxed site for nature lovers. Sounds like a whole different game in South Africa!


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It is

a great learning experienced.

But reputations are taken very seriously!