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Old Bird Nest.... species?

Observed: 31st January 2012 By: KittieKatKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in BirdsKittieKat’s reputation in Birds

an old abandoned bird nest found in my garden (has been around for a while)
its quite solid and made from mud and grass

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Doesn't the Song Thrush

Doesn't the Song Thrush usually use mud in the base? If it's about the same size then surely a Blackbird?

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Mud-lined nest

You may very well be right Jeremy - about Blackbird, I mean. (I'm always getting confused!) However, Having had time to do a bit more thinking, I'm not so sure about the thrush using mud in the base. They, like the Blackbird, as you say, tend to line the inside with mud (or, sometimes, rotten wood pulp). The Blackbird also uses mud - in a fairly solid layer and then uses a further layer of fine grass, dead leaves etc. On reflection, therefore, and having had another closer look at the picture, I am more inclined to agree with you that it is 'Blackbird'
Why don't you add the ID and see what happens. I might even agree with it myself!

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although we do get thrushes

although we do get thrushes popping in to visit quite regularly, blackbirds are always around. thinking about it, one of the couples that is usually around probably used this years ago....(there is a nest high up our rowan tree that i think they now use)

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Blackie's nest

Hello again Jeremy. As you will have seen, I agree with you - but only on the ID - not on your reasons. I think it is lined with mud - just not the finished layer! The picture shows the mud quite clearly - particularly in the bottom half of the pic. Also, when enlarged, the dead/dry leaves etc. can clearly be seen - typical of the Blackie.