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Observed: 28th January 2012 By: David JardineBirds expert
L877160 - Glenmore 280112 - 5
L877160 - Glenmore 280112 - 1
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Now that's even more of a

Now that's even more of a challenge; I think LBJ is as close as I'm going to get to an ID!

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There's a tin of Assorted

There's a tin of Assorted Mint Tablets, scales, and some kind of
strange writing implement stuck in an inkwell. Haven't fountain
pens reached the Cairngorms yet...

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I wish I had paid attention to the date of the observation before having a guess!

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Well done Gary!

I inserted the first picture to make the point how difficult identification can be when characteristics which we use to identify species are deliberately obscured - when we identify any taxon we should use all the available features to confirm an identification.

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Point taken, but ophrys'

Point taken, but ophrys' observations were only a bit of fun :)

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I do not wish to get into an argument here,but ophrys did state it was a bit of fun and he has done this on iSpot before and is obviously a very knowledgeable birder.I think it is excellent as it makes you look a lot closer than you normally would and the photograph's are of excellent quality unlike some of the rather poor photo's that are posted.I would also like to state that at this time of year it makes the site a bit more interesting as there is not a lot on and I personally look forward to the next quiz even though I only got one right I still learnt about important features.


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Here here Fenwickfield!

I couldn't figure your bird David and I was hopeless at this round of Ophrys' but it did focus attention on detail and diagnostic features and I enjoyed having a reason to peruse my birdbooks. I have great admiration for experts and, as an ex teacher, appreciate it when learning is fun.

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Light-hearted bit of fun

I agree with most of what has been said already. This was clearly meant as a bit of fun - and that is exactly how I approached it. Unfortunately, I jumped in before my brain was in gear (a common failing on my part!) - I really must pay more attention before responding! However, overall, I a with Fenwickfield on this. Things are pretty quiet at this time of year - lot's of fungus and stuff (Yawn) so something like ophrys's post is a welcome addition.
P.S. I didn't even attempt his quiz!