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Xanthoria calcicola? OU field study

Observed: 22nd January 2012 By: lynzeylou
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Xanthoria Calcicola? OU field study

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Xanthoria sp

Sorry Lynzeylou; this is an amendment to the comment I made earlier. I thought I had worked out the name changes for Xanthoria, but, thanks to Jenny's helpful comment, I now see that I got it completely wrong. Do read Jenny's comment,
This foliose lichen without apothecia and without isidia looks like a lichen that was, until recently, known as X. calcicola but is now called X. aureola. As you will see if you read Alan's comments, this change of name has caused confusion.
However, your location, a churchyard near Milton Keynes, makes this unlikely, as it is not near the coast.


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More confusion!

Hi Jo,

It wasn't X. calcicola which had its name changed to X. aureola!

The mainly coastal lichen you mean can be found in older reference books as Xanthoria ectanoides but is now known as Xanthoria aureola

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mea culpa

Many thanks to your helpful comment, Jenny, I thought I had worked out the name changes for Xanthoria, but I see that I got it completely wrong. In addition, I may have misled Lynzeylou, so I have amended my original comment to deal with that.

So, is Lynzeylou's original suggestion of X. calcicola correct?