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Dog's Mercury

Observed: 25th January 2012 By: Nature girl
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
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Not the best photos for making an ID, but I think there are enough features to be seen to make a positive ID. The leaves are about 5/6cm in length.

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Have a look at my picture

I found some with slime mold on it.
Mucilago crustacea
This has come up all over the place this year.

And they say it is poisonous to eat.
The slime mold did not have a care in the world.
The second one is on Dog's Mercury.


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Interesting observations

I'm not sure the slime mould would be feeding on the plant itself; I think they feed on bacteria and such-like so it could have been feeding on something on the surface of the plant perhaps.

Something has definitely had a nibble at the plant I posted. I had a quick search on the web and found that there is a flea beetle and a weevil that feed on Dog's Mercury (I'm sure there are other species too). It's quite amazing how adaptable species can be!

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mine was under Sycamore and Maple. It would be Mildew from Aphid waste it was feeding on.