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Hover Fly

Observed: 10th July 2009 By: gary.hilton
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Hover Fly
Hover Fly

Most Hover flies display Batesian mimicry by looking like wasps. This one looks like a bee.

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black and white hover-flies

There is one other species that looks like this, Leucozona lucorum but the black marks on the wings confirm this as Volucella pellucens

Bob Ford

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I have just happened on this

I have just happened on this post. This is indeed V. pellucens, but L. lucorum also has black marks on the wings, just as strong as the former.

L. lucorum is a much more dainty and smarter-looking fly, and has rich brown hairs on the thorax. V. pellucens is *usually* much larger and more robust, but size varies enormously.

Re the comment at the top, it is not true that most hoverflies look like wasps. Most hoverflies that a non-specialist will recognise as hoverflies look like wasps - precisely *because* they look like wasps! But over half the British list show no real resemblance to harmful insects, and certainly not to social wasps, and the biggest single colour scheme is probably plain black!


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