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Observed: 29th January 2012 By: hazelwood123hazelwood123’s reputation in Birds

Three goldfinches on niger feeder in far north of scotland. Unusual especially at this time of year?

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They do seem to be staying around in the north more than usual, in recent years. Perhaps that is down to the number of seeds people are putting out. I saw very few in winter where I am near York, until about 5 years ago, since when more and more seem to be around. Of course, whether these are local birds or have come in from elsewhere is difficult to know until ringing produces some answers. I do ring some in the garden, most winters, and the only one which was already ringed had actually moved north to winter, from Surrey.

PS: You might want to check the location given, as it seems to be in the middle of the sea, of the north of Scotland...


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