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Badger snuffles?

Observed: 28th January 2012 By: hcl64
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Badger snuffle?
Badger snuffle?

The holes - some of which are in groups - are about 14 cms wide and deep with much earth scattered around. There do seem to be some claw marks in the earth but too faint for me to photograph. There are faeces in one hole but similar to sheep faeces - there are multiple sheep droppings all around.

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Could be rabbit but the random, widespread damage looks more like badger.

Can you say how wide the two deeper trenches in the second photo are? This could help be more certain.

Also in the first photo, is that faeces in the scrape?

Graham Banwell

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Badger scrapes

Thank you for the suggestions - will go back and do some proper measuring. And yes there is some faeces in the scrape. I thought it might be a dog (there are lots of dogs about!) so didn't really look at it properly - but will go back and look at the poo too!