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Birch boletes (Leccinum scabrum)

Observed: 25th October 2011 By: CandlesnuffCandlesnuff’s reputation in Fungi and LichensCandlesnuff’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Birch boletes (Leccinum scabrum)

Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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These Leccinums could be L

These Leccinums could be L scabrum but there are others they may have been. In future when you find Leccinums cut them in half and look for any change in colour and any blue in the base.

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Somebody had already made

Somebody had already made these observations as we were on a fungi Id day with some experts! So hopefully they know what they are on about! I usually do look at size, gill attachment (obviously boletes don't have gills), colour changes etc and often do spore prints too :)

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I have been on Bolete

I have been on Bolete workshops when the "experts" spent quite some time disagreeing over ID's ;)

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Haha. Ours did seem to agree

Haha. Ours did seem to agree on this occasion! They were from the Hampshire Fungus Recording Group (or at least some of them were!). I've only put that I think they're birch boletes to be on the safe side though!

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As at least some of the HFRG

As at least some of the HFRG were on the same courses I think I will retire quietly.

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On the courses you were on?

On the courses you were on? I always think boletes are tricky things! Maybe not as bad as russulas though!

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I'm agreeing with your experts!

I always trust Flaxton's judgements, especially on boletes which, like you, I find tricky. However if these were seen and identified in situ, presumably near Birch trees, and look right then I think it's fine to agree.

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