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Mediterranean Gulls

Observed: 28th January 2012 By: allrounderallrounder’s reputation in Birdsallrounder’s reputation in Birdsallrounder’s reputation in Birdsallrounder’s reputation in Birds
Med Gull Scarborough 28.01..12...
Med Gull Scarborough 28.1.12
Med Gull Scarborough 28.01..12
Med Gull Scarborough 28.01..12..
Med Gull Scarborough 28.1.12.....

about 5 adult and 1st winter birds present among the Black headed Gulls just below the car park at South Cliff, Scarborough. Easily lured closer to the camera with a loaf of bread.

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Allrounder - Interests

Gary, I think 'Photography' should be at the top of your list. These are great.

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Well I am off to get a loaf of bread,but I would say it's your camera skill's not the grub unless it was a posh loaf,Excellent shot's


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for your comments. In all I took over 400 pics and these are what I felt were the best of the bunch.

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