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The Deceiver?

Observed: 28th January 2012 By: stoneage
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Orange/Red/Brown fungus growing among the leaves at the base of a deciduous tree.
About 10 cm across.


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Very interesting, did you see

Very interesting, did you see this today as the observaton date suggests. many species of fungi have finished due to the frost but some are still around. had you considered stropharia aurantica? Would be good to see some stem and gills as I am far from confident about the stropharia.

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Date of observation

Yep....I saw all of the fungi that I posted this evening today.
We have not had too many days of frost in mid-somerset yet this winter and the ones we have had have been very mild.

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10cm is rather large for L

10cm is rather large for L laccata, isn't it? Or Stropharia for that matter... I'd have guessed Armillaria, but hard to say without seeing underneath.

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If I get back up to the same wood in the next week I will try and get some stem and gill descriptions.
Thanks for your help everyone.