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Large Puffball

Observed: 27th January 2012 By: rcscorerrcscorer’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensrcscorer’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

About 15 cm across. It has clearly seen better days!


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Is that a second fruit-body

Is that a second fruit-body below the big one or is that a sort of stalk. If it is a stalk then C utriformis is more likely.

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Second fruit-body?

Am no expert but it did seem to me like a second fruit-body with 'root-like' ?mycelial strands beneath.


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If it was a second fruit-body

If it was a second fruit-body and not a stalk then your id is probably sound.

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Does look like a rather

Does look like a rather strange setup but perhaps a bit big for C utriformis? and general shape does not look so suitable. could be a deformed Calvatia gigantea with one growing on top of the other?