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Winter Black-headed Gulls

Observed: 26th January 2012 By: Peter PearsonPeter Pearson’s reputation in BirdsPeter Pearson’s reputation in BirdsPeter Pearson’s reputation in BirdsPeter Pearson’s reputation in Birds
Winter Black-head
Winter Black-head 2
Winter Black-head 3

These gulls were photographed resting after a busy day being fed by passers by at Mistley Walls.
The third photo, with the beak out of focus(it moved, honest)shows the start of the summer plumage appearing especially a white eye ring

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Black headed Gull

Hate to be pedantic, but it is now Chroicocephalus ridibundus

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This issue has been thrashed

This issue has been thrashed out recently in comments (look at recent posts of the species). In brief, Larus is as correct as Chroicocephalus. Which you use is a matter of choice, and the current NHM dictionary has Larus.



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Thats what came up when I entered it. It was a surprise, I thought we had gone back to the good old days when you knew what to call things and a Black-head was a Larus, but if only!!!!

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Ringed bird

One is ringed. Have you other shots to read the complete number?

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Gull ring, other shots

Sorry no, The last numbers on the ring are 74 other than that I can't help