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Carpenter bee (Xylocopa latipes)

Observed: 4th August 2011 By: Rags
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Large, noisy flying bee seen around garden.

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Flower-piercing carpenter bee

Nice shot of a real monster bee... Definitely a Xylocopa and looks good for a male X. latipes, one of the biggest bees in the world (the biggest??). Has big piercing mouthparts, probably for puncturing the base of long flowers to steal nectar from the side as many carpenter bees do.

Nick Upton, naturalist and photographer.

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Flower-piercing carpenter bee

Thanks for the ID on this one. It certainly seemed larger and noisier than the regular carpenter bees we were used to seeing about. It kept returning to this sunny position and just flying a short distance when I got too close with the camera. I didn't want to push my luck as it would certainly have been getting annoyed with the disturbance. I think carpenters are stingless but I wasn't keen to find out if this monster was.

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It's a male so it won't have a sting, although it may have a strong bite.