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Ganoderma australe (Southern Bracket)

Observed: 22nd December 2011 By: igm54
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Ganoderma australe (Southern Bracket)
Southern Bracket
Ganoderma australe - Bracket fungus

Very large wooden textured fungus, purple black to look at but came up blue in photo. I could not get any closer to it and plan to return to this site when the weather allows. Site is waterlogged most of the time and difficult to negotiate through.


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The tree

What tree was it on?
Any fruits on the tree or any others near by?


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Any fruits on the tree?

There was no fruit on the tree or any of the others. This was the remnants of a mixed wood with a very wide variety of trees. Since none were in any stage of bloom it was difficult for my amateur eye to decide what type of tree it was.

They actually all looked like dead trees to me, but I was told by a local this was not fully the case, indeed it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest(SSSI).

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Southern Bracket

thanks to flaxton for the id.