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A challenge for 2012

Calling all North Sea and Channel seafaring i-Spotters.
The question is do ladybirds migrate?
The experts are divided, some say yes some no. It is said for instance the regular build up of 7-Spots along the east coast is due to high populations of insects inland eating their way to the coast where they have no further place to go.
However some explosions in past years have coincided with influxes of Silver'y', Painted Lady, etc., which definitely migrate.
It has been suggested that the only way to answer this perplexing question is to find observers, who have encountered insects, not just ladybirds, while at sea. So if you are a mariner, fisherman (commercial or sport), or belong to the yachting community it would be interesting to hear your experiencces.



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Swarms of Insects at sea

I observe swims for the Channel Swimming Association and have seen lots of diptera whilst 6-7 miles off the English Coast.
I can't recall seeing any insects, but on one occasion there were so many Episyrphus balteatus hoverflies, on the escort boat, that it was impossible to move without stepping on them.
I will search my records and post more information in a day, or so.

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Thanks SteveF48

Thanks for your reply I await your record search with interest.