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Observed: 25th January 2012 By: Gingertree72

Orange fibrous substance reminiscent of that produced in extracting palm oil from the palm nut. Found on the bottom of a log used as a perimeter for our Forest School area.
In the next door log a white paint like mould was evident.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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This might be the ozoneum

This might be the ozoneum from Coprinus domesticus although I have never seen as much as this before.

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I looked up ozonium on Google

I looked up ozonium on Google images there are many similar images. Thanks for this. It's called an imperfect fungi whatever that means. I thought i recognised coprinus domesticus name. I'll keep an eye out later in the year for the host. Maybe I should take a sample for microscope analysis. Curious to know why it's called ozonium? See if I can find out more.