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Fence being engulfed by Tree

Observed: 22nd January 2012 By: igm54
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Fence being engulfed by Tree
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Thought this was an interesting photo. Mother nature decides to continue with the growing business as usual and it appears to make little difference if there is something in the way or not!


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Bicycle in a tree.

There is a picture on the internet somewhere of a bicycle completely within the trunk of a tree.

I can't remember where I saw it but it is fascinating to see!

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bkh43 - Your comment got me

bkh43 - Your comment got me curious and I had a quick look at the WWW, and found this:


and indeed it was fascinating - there must be a ton of stuff out there that trees have subsumed into their determined-to-carry-on existence!

"The evolutionarily later always subsumes and includes the evolutionarily earlier" (Frederick Turner).