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Dicranum majus WF _DSC3108

Observed: 24th January 2012 By: Fungbot
Dicranum majus WF _DSC3108
Dicranum majus Moss WF close-up

Found in woodland on Dicranum moss. A white felty covering on the rachis of the moss. More translucent when wet but white when dry.

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Superb photographs.

A bit of Googling: In 'British Mosses and Liverworts: An Introductory Work' by EV Watson, it states of Dicranum scoparium that "The stems are sometimes covered with a whitish or orange tomentum" (tomentum being "A layer of matted woolly down on the surface of a plant"). Could the same apply to D. majus?


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Dicranum majus

As I understand it, the tomentum on Dicranum is usually ginger in colour, but it often gets infected with a fungus, and this is what you are seeing when it goes white. Ask a mycologist for more details!

Nick H

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Fungi and Lichens

It would be worth submitting the observation again in Fungi and lichens with the second picture first for ID of the fungus.


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Bryophyte tag

I am requesting that you add the tag Bryophyte as this will act as a further aid by virtue of attracting more of those who specialise in mosses and liverworts. Thanks in advance,