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RN Duck

Seen on a gull watching trip with Martin Garner.

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Similar to Tufted, but the flanks are duskier with a white streak at leading edge as it swims. The bill has that whitish saddle, too, and the head is peaked higher at the rear. Beautiful birds...the last one I saw was on a golf course at Durness on the north coast of Scotland...a really remote location!


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Ring-necked Duck

Well, I won't make that mistake again! I've never come across this bird before. Anyone know anything about the species? Distribution, numbers, cross-breeding etc.? I have now found it in a couple of field-guides and have had a look at RSPB web site but they are short on info.

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Some info

The species is American in origin, and some (perhaps many?) of the ones in Europe are believed to be escapes although a 1977 recovery in Slimbridge shows that trans-Atlantic vagrancy does occur.

Information derived from Bird of the Western Palearctic interactive.

David Howdon

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Teeside bird.

This bird has been at Cowpen Bewley for a couple of years now.