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Genus-level ID format

Is there a recommended format for genus-level IDs? Should it be, say, Ramalina or Ramalina sp.? I only ask because observations aren't linked together if the format differs.

I vaguely remember Martin Harvey mentioning something about this, and I think his advice was genus only, without the "sp.", but many users add "sp.", and I have been using both formats.

Sorry if this has been covered previously.




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I would say leave it out. If you put down Syrphus, say, of course it refers to a species of that genus of hoverfly, so sp. is redundant, surely?


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I agree

That's my thinking also, but I'd like some guidance from the iSpot team, and if "sp." isn't good, can this be mentioned somewhere, if it isn't already, so it's better enforced?

The alternative, of course, is a programming change to hack off the sp. when it comes to comparing names.


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Yes I think leaving off the

Yes I think leaving off the sp or sp. is the best bet to allow matching up at the moment. Although as has been mentioned further developments in the software later this year and changes in the species dictionary may allow matching on any of these.

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Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike