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Tiger Moth

Observed: 1st September 2011 By: Gwatch

Saw this while looking for directions in Google Street View. Some kind of Tiger Moth?
Google image date 'September 2011'
(Look for yourself - near junction of Esplanade Road and Marine Parade in Ventnor.)

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Google Street View

Another first for Britain identified through Google Street View! Clearly this is where I am going wrong in my quest for a new species. I must stop going out and looking in the traditional way and adopt the ways of a modern naturalist...sit on my backside and pretend I can see things on fuzzy internet pictures taken by snoopers... ;)

This is no more a Jersey Tiger than I am, by the way.


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Google street view

I'm sure no offence was intended by the post. As an aside do you have any further idea as to the species ID.

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Guess I touched a raw nerve there - sorry about that. I spend a lot of time in the countryside and never saw one of these before. Just wanted an ID. Was told iSpot was the place to go.

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ID Comment

It is the place to go, someone on iSpot will assist you with the ID which I believe has been the case.

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Much appreciated

I am very grateful for the ID given. I would never have thought that this was the underside of a moth but having Googled it (sorry) I can see that it is probably a Red Underwing. (I also thought at one stage that it might be a Jersey Tiger!)

PS My own photos are usually just as fuzzy as this interenet picture ... He he!

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Forgive me


Forgive me my early morning cynicism! Welcome to iSpot, which is a great place to get identifications made and is a really friendly community. I was only having a laugh; don't take me seriously! I think that Catocala is correct, as well.

Hopefully, you will get out with your own camera and post some pictures of your own. I look forward to that.



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Not a problem...

I detected the humour in the cynicism. Was concerned though that I had started off on the wrong foot.


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virtual natural history

For myself I can't see anything wrong in observations of this sort. Not the clearest photo of course but it gains considerable rarity value given the manner of capture!

Bob Ford

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underwing moth

Strictly speaking David is correct that we can't really go beyond genus based on this photo, but the strong likelihood is that it is Catocala nupta, the Red Underwing. Some of the other species in this genus are very similar, although much rarer, but David is correct that we can't rule them out.


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Our local patch!

Literally & Bob is giving a demo of Ispot to our local Nat.Hist group on Sat( amongst other items.)If you want more info.we can let you know more.Look forward to more of your photos on Ispot!!! :-)

Hazel Trevan

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Nat Hist Group

Thanks - unfortunately I am away for the w/end so can't attend. Feel a little bit out of my depth here in any case - didn't expect so much attention (good and bad) for this posting!