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Observed: 21st January 2012 By: sylvia

This little mouse kept popping out from a log pile eating bird seed. As his face was so round and his ears so short he looked more like images I have seen of a doremouse rather than field mouse. He was in a warm sheltered position. I know dormice hibanate

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Vole spp.

Well! isn't interesting, Gill, that you should be first to agree with my 'indecisive' ID. I have to agree it is a tricky one. On the one hand the upper hair colour looks more reddish than brown - suggesting BV; on the other, the ears look smallish and, therefore, more like FV. I wonder if you would agree with that assessment?

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I think this one has to go down as vole sp. However, I think it may well be a field vole, note the smallish ears and diffuse split between the dull brown back and pale underside. I would like to see the tail to be sure absolutely though.

Graham Banwell

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