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Black Poplar

Observed: 23rd January 2012 By: flaxtonflaxton’s reputation in Plantsflaxton’s reputation in Plants
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Can anyone confirm this is a Black Poplar. The descriptions I can find say it should have large swellings on the trunk.

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Poplars hybridise, confusingly

The leaves looks right and the shape looks good, but I'd expect a wild black poplar to be more knobbly on the trunk, with many small burrs on.This trunk looks a bit too 'clean'. Were the shoots golden/amber coloured with orange/grey buds? Did the leaves have any glands at the base?
If so, then you can say most likely black poplar , otherwise I suspect it's a hybrid. At least trees are usually easier to ID than fungi! Katy

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I have only lived in the

I have only lived in the village for 11 years so haven't noticed what the shoots or buds were like:0 Thanks for that though. I think I am safe to go with hybrid rather than P betulifolia.
The Pholiota squarosa at the base was easy;)