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Larvae in birdbox1 Jan 2012

Observed: 22nd January 2012 By: esc57
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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larvae in birdbox1 Jan 2012
larvae in birdbox2 Jan 2012

(North Bristol) These larvae were quite a bright yellow, the biggest about 3 cm long and 0.5 cm wide but there were some tiny ones. Found in our birdbox when cleaning it out. They clearly munch wood as they had made several impressive gouges in the wood of the birdbox - some are visible on the right in the second photo - and they had spun a very strong, sticky mat(visible in both photos) which had practically sealed the lid of the birdbox shut - some force needed! Not quite the tenants we were expecting. Any ideas anyone?

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bumble bees

As you will no doubt have realised ,this means there was a bumble bee nest in the box last Summer.
So far I have not had bumbles without having bee moth!

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bee moth without bees?

that's the odd thing though, I had blue tits in the nest box last summer not bees! The remains of the blue tit nest was still there but no sign of a bee nest, so it's all a bit strange.

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I had these in several of my nest boxes last year, none of which had bees in. I have been told that they only need to be near a bee nest not necessarily in the box. Can anyone confirm?