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Leafy Brain (Tremella foliacea)

Observed: 18th September 2011 By: ex-royalex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Dark brown and gray seemingly gelatinous fungus about 15cm long and 10cm wide, deeply wrinkled and almost seaweed-like in appearance clinging to the moss covering the bark of a Silver Birch tree.


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Lichen ?

I came across something similar to this on an old hazel tree. I thought it was a fungus but was advised by an OU tutor that it could be a lichen. I have viewed several images and decided that my observation was a collema of some sort, although I haven't had that confirmed.

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This one resembles my own observation, which AlanS identified:


Yours (http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/238625) doesn't look anything like mine, but I can see it does resemble the pruinose part of ex-royal's observation. I suppose there's a chance that all 3 are the same species, with different degrees of degradation.