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Bank or field vole?

Observed: 19th January 2012 By: mrRuss

Taken by a friend, in woodland at Blashford lakes in Hampshire.
Not sure if its a field vole or bank vole.

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It is impossible to be

It is impossible to be certain but the fairly prominent ears, relatively large eye together with the habitat, colour and the relatively short neat fur would tend to indicate bank vole

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Vole species

Hi Russ. This photo already posted by Ian Cameron-Reid . I think we have settled on 'vole species' as as close to an ID as we can get - please see that post for reasons.

Gill Sinclair
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Voles are always very difficult but I think there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest this is a bank vole.

1) its very rich, chestnut colour.
2) its in a woodland, field voles rarely stray into woodland, even in winter - though they do move more towards the edge.
3) bank voles are more likely to be active during the day
4) the jizz of the face, ear and eye size.

Graham Banwell

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