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Sparrowhawk tail?

Observed: 17th January 2012 By: Gingertree72
sparrowhawk tail?
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7 thumb lengths. Possibly

7 thumb lengths. Possibly buzzard or sparrowhawk? Work colleague asked me what it was. Looks like tail feathers.

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Tail feathers are not shaped like this: They have a broad width of feathering on either side of the central stem; the outer web with hardly any feathering is typical of primary wing feathers. This is a Pheasant, I would imagine (though thumb lengths is not how I usually measure such things!).


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I agree this is probably a pheasant wing. They are one of, if not the most common birds in Britain given the numbers released for sporting purposes

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really a pheasant?

In a built up area GUildford could this be a pheasant? 35cm approx 7 of my thumb lengths!

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35cm seems a bit long for a

35cm seems a bit long for a Pheasant, but I would prefer a direct measurement in cm rather than conversion from thumbs. I am not convinced that it is Pheasant, but I am sure it is a gamebird of sorts (in the widest sense). It is only a few feathers, and someone in Guildford may have found them or a whole bird a long way away and taken it to town. Possibly enjoying the good bits with a glass of claret.



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Actually it's more likely

Actually it's more likely 40cm. My colleague found the feathers in her garden and asks me every day what they are now. We do get foxes around this urban area. It may have transported the prey. There is a railway line at the other end of the road. The closest green areas are Whitmore and Stringers common neither of which have I seen pheasants, it doesn't mean they're not around though.

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The photos above would

The photos above would suggest this is a likely diagnosis.